Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Vow

(Words that used to be...)

You're always lighting up my heart with the things you say.
I feel so happy just being with you this way.
You're my hero, and will forever be my knight.
And from this moment on you will always be my life.
So please never give up, always believe
that someday the gift of love you deserve will be achieved.

Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat.
You're my theme for a dream! You're my evening retreat.
Every moment we share together I grow closer to you.
The feeling is so spontaneous and always true.
I'm simply hanging by a moment,
like time is one valuable present,
waiting to see you again so you can hold me so tight
that all else fades and everything becomes alright.

I will never forget you. I hope you think of me too.
That in the scorching heat, you are the cold wind that blew.
I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be.
That in this life clouded with doubt, you make me see the way clearly.
Please know that my love and I are inseparable,
I thank fate in having you even if time with you is ample.
I would want it no other way
and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day.

I can't wait to be with you,
to see your smile, look in your eyes and feel your sweet touch too,
to hear your perfect words and kiss your perfect lips,
I just can't wait to be with you, my heart now skips.
I wish you understand how much I love you now,
then maybe, just maybe, you would tell me how,
how to let go when my time to love you must come to an end,
Do I need to go away and pretend that this never happened?
Or would you still let me love you even from afar,
so you can still feel like you are being watched like the sea to a star.

The clock may be ticking on me to love you
better, so I can show you love everyday anew.
I now look to the future and forget the past,
your life is mine for now and I will make it last.
I love you more today than I did yesterday,
and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today.
This I vow to be forever true,
Always and always remember that I love you.


JDOrbeta said...

Just like lyrics to a song. Wonderfully-written Ate.

Anonymous said...

You obviously have never attended a poetry workshop. With this kind of crap, you better not.

Christine said...

JDOrbeta - Thanks Kuya! May ume-epal pa na Anonymous oh! Hahahaha Mishu na! Let's go out na!

Christine said...

Anonymous - Whoever told you I wrote a poem? :-) This is my blog and I can pretty much write whatever I want on piss someone else. LOL =) Shoo!